Where Diamonds Speak Your Language


Virtually all diamond cuts sold for use in jewelry are one of ten round or fancy diamond shapes. The most popular diamond shapes are:

The 4 Cs

A diamonds value, rarity and beauty are determined by factors that are commonly known as the 4 Cs, these are: colour, clarity, carat and cut. Before deciding on purchasing your diamond jewellery, it is important to understand why two diamonds that may look exactly the same are actually valued differently. Before buying a diamond ring or jewellery, this following section will help you to understand the 4 Cs in more detail and will be useful when studying the diamond's brilliance, beauty and quality.


A polished diamond’s proportions, or “cut,” affect its light performance, which in turn affects its beauty and overall appeal. Diamonds with fine proportions, symmetry, and polish optimize their interaction with light and have increased brightness, fire and scintillation.

Thin Cut

Excellent Cut

Thick Cut

If the stone is cut too shallow, much of the light fails to be refracted at all and leaks out of the bottom. When light enters a properly cut diamond, it is refracted from facet to facet and comes back through the top to the eye. If a stone is cut too deep, much of the light is refracted at the wrong angle and lost out the side.


Although many people think of gem quality diamonds as colorless, truly colorless diamonds are actually very rare. Most diamonds used in jewelry are nearly colorless with tints of yellow or brown. Color grades are determined by comparing each diamond to a master set. Each letter grade represents a range of color and is a measure of how noticeable a color appears


The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. It is the easiest of the four characteristics to determine. A carat is 200 milligrams (1/5 of a gram) and is divided into 100 points (like pennies to a dollar). Thus a half carat stone is a diamond of 50 points and is listed as 0.50 carat.


Clarity is determined by the number and size of internal characteristics (called inclusions) and external characteristics (called blemishes) which both occur naturally in diamonds. Small inclusions that are visible only under magnification are not likely to diminish the beauty of a diamond. The smaller the inclusion, the less likely that it will interfere with light as it passes through the diamond.